sobota, 2 lipca 2016

How many dresses is too many

Beginner lolita will be like: I want this, this, this and 'milion' other pieces, so I can wear different one every day. I know. I've been there myself. Bought way too many random items, just to have 'big' closet. Time flew, I learned what I really wanted. I managed to get to point where I have made decission about selling some items. And at very last; I have built a proper lolita wardrobe, based on wish list.
Now, after many years in Lolita I have 16 main pieces. 3 more on their way to me (here is my WARDROBE POST 2016, for those who want to review it, tho some pieces found new home already). Is it many or just the oposite? I think that's rather small warddobe, considering the fact, that I personally know people who have about 50+ main pieces and they are still saying they have 'so many to buy'. Yet, for me, my 16 pieces, is quite a lot, especially when I have to move from one place to another (cannot settle, do I? XD). It also depends on many aspects like:

*your budget and pieces you want to get. if you have limited amount of money and you like some cheaper stuff, for example from Bodyline or Taobao, then you are a lucky person. Case looks differently, when you have same amount of money, but like, let's say only rare Angelic Pretty prints. Well, then automatically your wardrobe will be smaller. And as an extra skill, you will learn how to be more patient probably.

*are you lolita 'lifestyler' or a 'part-timer'. (If you do not know what it means, I reccomend watching this video:
First one will need more pieces, as it will be their daily outfit.

*are you a convention lolita...don't let me start on this one, please.

*are you a collectionner // shopaholic. No, I am no kiddin. Some lolitas do buy dresses for sake of having them and that's it. I know a person who does not even wear half of her wardrobe, cuz she does not fit in it. But she's happy to just have those unused pieces, cuz why not. I am not judging, just saying.

*your background. Things look different if you're a student, still depending on your parents' cash. And different when you are estabilished adult with well paid job (yes, Meshya, that should be you...hahahahahaha. not).

*storage room. I could've put this under the background maybe? But decided to seperate it, as this is one of my biggest problems. I am an adult person, working and earning monies. My job is what it is (I change it often soooooo...........). But that's not the point. I usually do not have enough place or proper envirolment to store my dresses. And besides dresses, to complete coord, you will need blouses, shoes, bags, accesories of all sort. And they take place. Lots of it.

That said, there is no point saying that this or that amount is too many. Each and every lolita has to decide on her own number.

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  1. I totally get this! Though I'm not hugely into Lolita myself it's really good to have a structured wardrobe and a thought out one and I think 16 is a pretty good number.

    I need to look at my wardrobe now!

  2. W mojej szafie barkuje już miejsca, muszę zrobić jakąś wyprzedaż :P Marzę o ogromnej garderobie, może kiedyś to marzenie się spełni.. :) W sieciówkach pewnie ciężko o lolicie sukienki, uwielbiam ten styl u innych!