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Wicked & Whimsy

Who's been lazy these days? I have to admit, it was me. I was planning to write note about Wicked & Whimsy event since past Monday but...well...week passed and here we are. It's Sunday and I said to myself- no excuses. Now or never!

Those who are interested in kawaii/Harajuku subcultures, especially lolita, do know, that every year, Tea Party Club is making big convention + tea party in city of London. It's always fantastic, full of attractions and is great occasion to meet old and new friends. Two years ago it was Revelry, later Regalia and this time the 'fancy name' was Wicked & Whimsy. It was 9th TPC aniversary, celebrated with such great guests as Nunu/Haenulli and designers of Enchantic Enchantily & Baroque brand, from Korea. There were also many indie/european brands present; Lady Sloth, Shinku Rose and many others. Plenty of great vendors, made me cry a little bit, cuz I haven't got almost any monies in my wallet, hahaha.

I attended only first day of the W&W, which means I skipped Tea Party on Sunday. I just couldn't go, since I had to return home for Monday morning and Edinburgh is bit far from London, so it takes a while to get there. Still, I enjoyed Saturday so much! Me and my friend; Menoa, had early entry ticket, so we were able to enter venue at 10:30. I was charmed with Institute of Directors. Amazing place. Kaha & Keczup, which represented Lady Sloth, had to arrive there two hours earlier, so were already based in one of few vendors rooms.
At 11:30 W&W was open to everybody with general admission tickets. Soon after there was welcome speech and the real fun began. Quiz + Q&A. At 13:00 Vendor Fashion Show started. Between 13:30 and 14:30 there was break for lunch. Next- Brand Guests Fashion Show. I think I fell in love even more with Enchantic Enchantily designs. At 15:30 was Storytime by Haenuli, which I have unfortunatelly missed cuz I was taking pictures and just socializing, hahaha. 16:30 Fashion Fix, where Mica and Kyra were trying to guess how much costs your outfit. This one was very funny! After there was only Raffle and group picture and 18:00 was the end.

I was very tired, kinda hungry but sad that  W&W is already finished for me. I mean, I was loaded with all the positive emotions/energy but sad I will have to wait another year for such phenomenal event. And I already know I will do EVERYTHING to be a part of 10th TCP aniversary cuz the guest will be no one else than ANGELIC PRETTY! <3 MWAHAHAH!

Now, as I have in custom, I serve you....PICTURES! Aaaaaand a short clip! Enjoy!

Let me show You my coord first. 
JSK, beret, bolero by Lady Sloth
Shoes: Bodyline
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Pendant, earings, keychain: ViviArt
Rest is offbrand.
This picture was taken by Rossi Ivanova
Rest of pictures are made by me.
Vendors, vendors~~

Keczup and Kaha, representing Lady Sloth.

 aaaand beautifully dressed lady between the stalls, that allowed me to take a picture of her <3 In one of my favourite Haenuli dresses too!
 Now, I haven't took many pics on fashion show but as I said- I made video. Check it out, it's under pics :) 
 One of the photographers and one of organizers- Pippa Marshall.
 More pretty people in pretty dresses.

 One of newest Haenuli dresses, stight from catwalk *_* Lovely!
 Ayumi from Syrup, Fumiko from Enchantic Enchantily and Mana Kim- designer of Baroque brand.
 Nunu/Haenuli with her lovely mom in traditional hanbok
 Menoa and EE team :)
 I was also able to meet Tania, who made comics about me. She's such a cute person in real life! 
Aaaaaand the clip.

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  1. Było naprawdę bosko, taka szkoda było wracać. I jeszcze teraz cały rok czekać! :O Ale mam nadzieję, że skoroś w Edynburgu, to się uda nam spotkać wcześniej ^^


  2. Ledwo poznałam Cię w blond peruce! Świetny pomysł na stylizację, po raz kolejny kojarzy mi się z "Alicją w krainie czarów" i baśniową krainą <3

    1. Lolita jako styl/ kategoria modowa, bardzo często kojarzona jest z Alicją w Krainie Czarów. Są nawet sukienki, które bezpośrednio do tej powieści i filmu Disneya nawiązują :)