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Infanta Elk Series

Today I am reviewing Infanta's Elk Series JSK in black colourway. That's pretty new thing and needs absolutely more attention, since it's lovely. But let's start from the very begining.
I was waiting for the release of this series, since I saw it on the promo pictures of one of Infanta's cropped blouses. I checked various shopping services every second day and on 8th of August 'my' dress appeared on Glitzy. I was kinda hoping it will be available in different cuts, but only high waist JSK is available. Oh well, the print still convinced me to buy it. I have chosen version black, but you can get red and blue too.

My order was sent out two weeks later, on 24th of August. Ofcourse Royal Mail wasn't in hurry, so it took them quite some time to deliver it. Hong Kong post states my item arrived in UK on 27th of August. After that tracking wasn't updated. This happens again and makes me so annoyed, but I think this is topic for seperate note. Either way- I received my small package this Friday. It was very light, so before opening, I was afraid, that they made mistake and sent me something else, hahaha.

I literally ripped grey foil, that my dress was packed onto, and saw...elks.
Dark, spooky, elks, crowded, waiting to eat your soul....errr. Yes, this is why I bought this dress- because IMO it's very spooky! I even gave this print my own name; 'satanic elks', so yeah, prolly gonna wear it on Halloween! (Can't stop thinking about this holiday- love it so much!) Mwahahaha! Review? Oh yes, let's continue with that. So the print is lovely. Yet there are two small flaws. First one is that it's bit blurry on bottom, but for me it dosn't really matter that much. When the jsk is worn, this is not noticible.
Second flaw is unmatching print on the sides. 
Still, it happens very often in printed lolita dresses and skirts. Even big companies, as BtSSB have problem with that. See for example Eriko's post about Loiseau Bleu (post is in Polish but scroll down for pics)

Top of JSK is covered with branches and leafs, which are mirrored.
Straps are quite thick but it makes the dress very comfortable.
Invisible zipper is hidden on right side.
Dress has a shirring on the back (which I always forget to take a picture of, hahaha!).
This saves me, cuz recently I lost some weigh and...I think I should have purchased one size smaller. 

No waist ties, thank god for that, I have to many in my 'box of things I do not use' (I mentioned I do not like them, right?)

JSK is finished with black chiffon and lace.

Bottom has second layer, made of cotton or something that looks like one.
If we're at fabric- this dress is quite interesting. I think Infanta is experimenting a bit. Swan Love JSK, that I got earlier this year, was made of Jaquard (which happend to be so-so in the end...heavy and easy to damage!) and this one is made of I've no idea what. I suspect it's some sort of mixed fabric- light as chiffon but slightly shiny. Still very nice and almost perfect for Scottish summer :)
 Additionally I got a bow, that may be attached to dress.

I think it was made on rush, because I have never seen so many sticking threads from something as small. Whoops. 

Let's sum things up. I was all hyped for this dress, prepared 100$ for it. I paid 79$, including shipping. yay, I have ordered by Glitzy Wonderland, as I usually do when it comes to Intanta's items. Also because this JSK apperaed on their web page almost right after it was released on Infanta's Taobao store. Service was good and fast, as always. 
Dress is very nice. Cut is quite basic, but I was afer somehing simplier and more mature this time.
I am very satisfied with this purchase.

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  1. That dress is beautiful! (I really love deers, fawns ect.) I am glad that you are satisfied with it :) Thak you for mentioning me <3

    1. yes, it's very pretty <3
      No problem- always happy to mention my friends in notes :D

  2. Yeah, AP can be just as bad with pattern matching. Sometimes I think that once they make a name for themselves, they stop trying/controlling their quality. :?
    Can't wait to see you wear it! ^^

  3. Sukienka z sarenkami jest genialna, sama taką chcę :P