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Blythecon UK 2016

Mmmm, I dunno about your place, dear readers, but it's such a nice day at Edinburgh today! Probably gonna grab something small to eat, wear some fancy clothing and go for a walk, which will include stop at Starbucks and their new Matcha Latte. But before that- a post about Blythecon, that was supposed to be published a week ago. I am sorry for delay. Blogspot gave me some strange errors and I couldn't actually enter the control panel and create new note. Those of you, who like my Facebook Page could see gallery from Blythecon yesterday already, so yeah- if any of ya want faster update in case of accidents like this- go like my page, hahah. 

Some info about the event- Blythecon UK is annual gathering of the fans of Blythe dolls. Every year taking place in different city. If you follow my blog for long enough, you may remember I've been taking part in Blythecon UK in Glasgow in 2013 (and I even won a doll in lottery- my sweet Pepper). This time I wanted to make also a video, but unfortunately something came up and I could only come to event for it's first two hours. I am really sad about it- wanted to stay longer. Still, I managed to make some pics, just for you people. 

Quite nice location of BCUK 2016. Jus in the middle of city. And let me remind you, that Edinburgh is amazing place <3 
 Line to entrance
 Are we there? Are we?
 Yes we are!
 Deffinitely. Look how many people, what an awesome stuff to buy.
 Even dolls. 
And not just some random dolls! These were pieces of art.

 Look at their little companions.

 This one was my favourite, I think *_*

 Items for lottery.

 Other room, wherevisitors could buy coffie.
 and see Blythecon's costume and photo contest entries.

 Dogs and cats are passe. Why not pet little Nessie!

That's all for today, guys. I will try to make another update ASAP but please, bear with me if that won't happen. My mom will visit in Scotland me and I want to spend as much time with her as possible, since I haven't seen her for half a year. So yeah, bye!  

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