sobota, 15 października 2016

Style Tribes meetup

Today just a quick note about event that I have attended and that I think is worth mentioning. Just for the record and so you'll know that I am very active lolita girl. Oh yes, I am! :) 

That was "Style Tribes" book launching in Edinburgh's Waterstone bookstore. Why is it so interesting? Because the author; Caroline Young, did mention Harajuku area and fashion orginated from there, including lolita, in her book. How cool is that? Very cool! Now let someone try saying that lolita is costume, even once (that happens on daily basis).
Ofcourse it was great oportunity to also meet with girls from local comm. Always happy to see them and chat, even if only for a short while (I had work next day, so couldn't stay long). But we still managed to get these picture done by amazing Anne Louise Kennedy. Thank You dear!

My outfit that day. Metamorphose JSK (still my favourite), New Look Shoes, rest totally offbrand :)

Our little yet great group. From left- Leyla, Antonia, me, Louie, Megan and Myfanwy

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  1. Ahh! That books looks really good! You and your friends look lovely too. Lovely post.

  2. Is the book any good? It seems interesting!

    1. I am still waiting for my copy, but from what I saw on event- it's pretty interesting work on 30 fashion styles from all around the world. All backed by subcultures stories etc. If You are interested in fashion history basis, then this title is just for You.