wtorek, 15 listopada 2016

Little bit of sun in November- Mallorca

One cold, September day, while drinking coffee after work, I opened skyscanner webpage and did what I do almost everyday- just randomly searched for cheap flights to...everywhere (yes, there is an option like this!). I was thinking about visiting Dublin again, since usually flights to Ireland cost very little, but found extremly cheap tickets to Spain. To be precise; Palma de Mallorca. Not thinking much, I bought them, booked hostel and month and a half later left Edinburgh for new, short adventure! Take a look at some photographic memories that I have made.

Palma's city centre

 Sunsets colors were so amazing. Everyday I went to beach to look at them.

 Some pictures from Valdemossa- small village located between mountains. Very lovely.

 Port of city Soller.

 On last day of my trip, I went to Palma again, to check castle of Bellver.

 View from the castle's 'roof'.

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