środa, 14 grudnia 2016

Okonomiyaki and lolita

Two days ago I have arrived in Poland, because, y'know, it's a Christmass time and usually at that time of the year, no matter if beliver or not- people visit their families. I am no different :) Ofcourse, besides spending time with closest ones, I planned plenty of lolita centered 'events'. First of them was meeting with bunch of friends at Katowice city on 'YO!Okonomiyaki. It was not usual meet, because we were celebrating bday! Mine, Margot and Eriko's (yup, December kids!). Even tho there were only few of us (because meetup took place in middle of the week and many people were occupied with school and work so couldn't attend), we've had great time, ate amazing food

my vegan okonomiyaki. it was HUGE!

Margot made chocolate cake based on...avocado! It was so tasty *_*

and drinks and made some pics (here big thanks to Marek Null for taking care of that- most pics are made by him).

Outfit shots~~ that was me. Pretty simple, gosu coord.
We all looked so serious, calm and composed. I dare say- even bit posh. Because lolita is such a serious business....

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  1. aaale pyszności, ciasto czekoladowe z awokado - tego się nie spodziewałam! wyglądacie świetnie :*