wtorek, 3 stycznia 2017

Kutna Hora- St.Barbara's and Bone Church

Happy New Year 2017! I hope it will be full of joy, travels, lolita, and obviously such things as health and love! Now onto the new note~  

As mentioned in previous entry, while being in Czech, me and my lolita friends, decided to check out Kutna Hora- tiny city located one hour from Prague. What's so special about it? Well, surely, the place was very nice, with it's small christmass market (full of all sorts of things- from clothing, toys, to food and drinks)

Colorful buildings were also very pretty

but what really brought us there, were two amazing churches. Let's take a closer look at that.
First one was St Barbara's Church which is on UNESCO treasures list. It looked amazing both outside

and inside. A typical, mature gothic architecture.
 On the celling, you could find many family crests

Take a look at the stained glass windows *_* Pure love!
This place made huge impression on me and I would stay there for longer, to check every single detail of decoration. Unfortunatelly it was VERY cold, so after a while, me and my group, went to search for some place to rest and eat dinner, before heading to next destination. Perfect Plan with one, small flaw- we were not the only ones who got that idea. We've been in five or more restaurants and each of them was full of people. In the end, we've returned to Kutna Hora's main square and ate at....this:
Chinese restaurant with sushi, kebab, bubble tea and czech cusine. Oh, owner was vietnamese I think... Would any of you enter such a shady place? No? Me neither but we were kinda desperate! Surprisingly, food was edible. I got (typical for Czech cusine) fried cheese with veggies and rice. 
When we warmed up and our bellies were kinda full, we  rushed to our next destination- Kostnice. Place so unique and so intriguing, that gave us chills. Odd attraction that we just couldn't resist. 
Outside it looked plain

but inside...

 Couldn't resist to take pictures inside. 
Me and my friends tried to make group photo but it turned out badly because of specific lightning.
Anyway, that was the last thing we wanted to see and it was time to go back to Prague~ not without adventures but we wouldn't be ourselves if everything went smoothly, right? 

That's all for today, bye bye <3 

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  1. Piękna miejscowość, chociaż muszę przyznać, że wnętrze kościoła trochę przeraża to ma w sobie to coś :)

    1. Wnętrze Kostnicy (sic!) faktycznie może przerazić, ale absolutnie jest warte zobaczenia *.*

  2. Wspaniała to była wycieczka, choć mróz dał się we znaki. Ale, że wspaniała gospoda u Wietnamczyka zaraz shady place :P. Najważniejsze, że smażony syr miał!