czwartek, 5 stycznia 2017

Last 2016 lolita meetup in Krakow

How to end the year with a blast? Formula is very simple- just meet with great people and have some fun. So that's exacly what I did!

There were six of us. We've decided to get some vegetarian food at Wielo Pole 3- small restaurant, located under the hotel of the same name. The place wasn't big but had nice atmosphere and decoration.

Our group got table in middle of the room
When we took our places, we checked the menu. it wasn't long but dishes seemd interesting. Unfortunately we had to wait a bit to get our order. And some of us were very hungry!
Finally we got our stuff~~ I have ordered Lavender Lemonade which was extremly tasty!
 I also got potato cakes with mun mushroom and joghurt. seemd nice but my stomach hurt badly after eating. They weren't bad, just too oily for my taste.
 And deserts! I did not get anything but you can check this pretty apple pie that was ordered by Menoa.
After eating, we took some outfit photos
Sektencja in Polka Dot dress
 BlackArisu with her lovely, short hair
 very GOTH Elluin
 GOTH version of Barbie? Why not! Menoa with beautiful makeup and awesome Killstar bag <3
 Margot, wich also choosen color black for this evening
And me aka 'person without legs' :) 
 After we ate and paid all the bills, we decided on a short walk around Vistula river.

 And before the end of meetup we got lil bit crazy. Slavian accent again!
It was a lovely meetup and I really enjoyed every bit of it. Until next one, very soon!

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